President Hideyuki Doai

A message from the president

Since the foundation of our company, UNIVERS Co., Ltd., we have been providing interior fabrics which set the trend of the new era, always from customers’ perspective. We market from various perspectives, develop products that are full of originality, and thoroughly adhere to quality control, aiming for safe and secure manufacturing that earns the trust of our customers. In addition, we will maximize the synergistic effect with each group company and expand our business not only for curtains but also for interior markets in Japan and overseas as a one-stop solution company.

Corporate Philosophy


Mutual Prosperity・Cooperation・Unity


Aiming for total optimization by trustworthy groups

Quality policy

From customers’ perspective, we will keep innovative in order to improve our services in manufacturing, distributing and merchandising, aiming to provide reliable products.

Companies Driving Regional Growth

Company Profile

Company Name Univers Co., Ltd.
Representatives Chairman Shuhei Yamada
President Hideyuki Doai
Capital 61.84 million yen
The Head Office 1-15-2 Minato, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa 920-0211, Japan
TEL +81-76-237-2911
Sales Division Kanazawa Main Office
Niigata Main Office
Sendai Office
Tokyo Office
Osaka Office
Employees Univers Co., Ltd. : 106
Univers Holdings Co., Ltd. : 1,280
(FY03 / 20)
Annual sales Univers Co., Ltd. : 11 billion yen
Univers Holdings Co., Ltd. : 37.4 billion yen
(FY03 / 20)
  • Feb. 1976UNIVERS was founded as the curtain-sewing division of Sincol Co., Ltd.
  • Mar. 1989Started wholesale of interior products centered on curtains to GMS, home improvement stores, and mail-order companies nationwide.
  • Mar. 1996Merged with Sincol Co., Ltd. Living Division.
  • May. 2005Shuhei Yamada assumed the President.
  • Jul. 2005Merged with Sincol Logis Co., Ltd. and Univers Sewing Co., Ltd.
  • Mar. 2007Established Univers(Wuxi) Decorative Fabric Co., Ltd.
  • Mar. 2008Obtained ISO9001 certification.
  • Mar. 2013Established PT. Univers Sewing Indonesia.
  • May. 2019Hideyuki Doai assumed the new President.
  • May. 2020Established Univers Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Shuhei Yamada assumed the President.


Kanazawa Factory

Univers headquarters factory. It is the main factory as a research base for sewing that conducts daily production technology development, new equipment verification, layout test, etc.

Location Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Floor area 2,210.57㎡
Personnel number 110
Annual number of sewing (order) 1.5 million m2,
(shade) 45,000 units

Sendai Factory

This is our second main factory to cover the Japanese market.

Location Tagajyo City, Miyagi Prefecture
Floor area 3,490㎡
Personnel number 120
Annual number of sewing (order) 1.35 million m2

Niigata Factory

Taking advantage of the fact that there is a factory in the product warehouse, it is a factory that can meet the needs of customers such as reprocessing ready-made products.

Location Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture
Floor area 4,132.3㎡
Personnel number 18
Annual number of sewing (easy order) 9 million m2

Univers(Wuxi) Decorative Fabric Co., Ltd.

It is a curtain sewing factory in China that aims to supply high quality products at low prices by transplanting experience and know-how in Japan. We are also active as a sales base in China.

Location China (Wuxi City)
Floor area 7,650㎡
Personnel number 170
Annual number of sewing 1.3 million curtains

PT.Univers Sewing Indonesia

As our second base in global production, we manufacture low-priced, high-quality curtains. In recent years, we have also been working on domestic sales.

Location Indonesia (Bandung City)
Floor area 2,777㎡
Personnel number 84
Annual number of sewing 300,000 curtains


We, the Univers Group, believe that we can contribute to society as a “one-stop solution corporate entity” for interiors by bringing together the collective strengths of each specialized business company and demonstrating synergistic effects.